Lean? Agile?
Lean Startup?

Don't dream of success.
Create the conditions
to inevitably converge to it.

Stop Fire-Fighting.
Start Fighting Back.

Develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Next is Now.

Imagine a continuous flow of experiments to dramatically accelerate the rate of change in your organisation. How far would you go?

Become a Skilled Lean Thinker.

Solve your most challenging problems and develop the critical thinking skills of the people you lead serve.

If you’re serious about truly improving the performance in your workplace, find out why…

Big organizations as well as some of the fastest-growing technology startups in the world rely on my services.


Many software organizations are stuck into firefighting and command & control. Others simply don’t perform to their full potential.

How about yours?

If you want to reinvent the wheel, don’t bother reading any further.

There is a big chance that a lot of the challenges you face right now are similar to situations my clients and I addressed already.

Today, you can leverage this hard-won experience and dramatically raise your chances of success.

Four reasons why you should call me now…

to accelerate the rate of change and grow high-performance teams.
to bring laser focus back to what your customers are trying to accomplish and innovate to satisfy their underserved needs.
to develop insanely-good thinking habits and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
to raise visibility across the organization and base progress on evidence rather than claims.

Can you do it on your own?

Let me share a secret with you. Everyone is different, everyone has good days and bad days. But within relatively small variations, people’s performance is limited by the constraints of the system they operate in. Countless researches revealed that motivational speeches and extrinsic rewards have very short-lived (or even negative) impact in people’s performance.

To improve dramatically, you need to actively develop people, leverage everybody’s insights, and work relentlessly on the design of the system for doing the work.

Lean & Agile software development requires new management practices, new approaches to requirements, new ways of getting customers involved in development and new ways for teams to work.  Unsurprisingly, many organizations struggle and end up wasting a LOT of money.  Practices get poorly implemented, watered down and applied out of context.

The odds are against you.

Why do you need a top coach?

For the same reason any top sports athlete or team wouldn’t even entertain the idea of working without one: to improve your performance fast.

And I really mean get a top coach. Despite what you may have seen around, Agile is not about hugging trees and playing LEGO games all day long. You need somebody who brings models, experience and options, who is able to adapt well to your company culture and co-design the conditions that let people flourish and, ultimately, obliterate the competition.


Should you get certified training?

Forget it.

Plenty of newly trained employees go back to their workplace and are unable to make any difference. Heck, plenty of average coaches can’t make a difference and blame people’s resistance to change, management, or existing culture. If you want to do things “by the book”, read the book. I warn you though: it may be the wrong book or the book may not exist. There is nothing standard about what you do inside your organization. It’s all about context and rapid adaptation. Traditional approaches like Scrum are, sometimes, too narrow or simply the wrong tool for the job.

Certified training works wonderfully towards paying the rents and mortgages of the companies and individuals who provide the training. It brings hardly any value to anybody else. They feed an industry who demands it. If you need to develop skills within your context, however, you are out of luck. All they can provide is some awareness and a very basic foundation to some practices.


No freaking 2-3 days Certified ScrumMaster training will do the job you need to accomplish.

You don’t believe me? Think about it. However good the trainer may be, it’s like if you were watching a couple of matches on TV, play with friends a couple of times, and then believing that you can suddenly play at professional level. Oooookay.

But if you are still keen on getting certified in something that looks like Agile, read a couple of books and just go to scrum.org. Do the test online. It’s much cheaper than other alternatives. I’ll wait.

Are you back yet?

Every day you delay getting a top coach you lose money.

Seriously, get a top coach, not a trainer. He’ll embed as much training as needed to get the job done, within the context of your team and/or organization.

While you still think about it, you lose money.

You lose it on each member of your team, on each team in your organization. All these people who don’t perform to their full potential cost you every single day.

Why me?

I’m well known for my worldwide experience and focus on transformational leadership, Lean-Agile software development practices (Scrum, XP, Kanban), Lean Startup. I’m a fellow of the Lean Systems Society and an international keynote speaker. I do what I preach every day.

I’m an a pioneer in applying entrepreneurial Lean Startup strategies for organizational change (aka Lean Change). I am the inventor of the Popcorn Flow thinking model of continuous change experimentation and the creative force behind A3 Thinker.

The Lean thinking tools I developed are currently used by hundreds of companies worldwide, including Toyota, Spotify, Honeywell, Carl Zeiss Microscopes, Nissan North America, McKinsey, Skype, BearingPoint, J.P. Morgan, and many others.

My passion is to help teams and individuals develop insanely-good habits of thinking and allow them bring the best of their work to the world.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can kickstart or deepen your Lean & Agile journey, don’t pass on the opportunity and contact me now. I’m based in Dublin (Ireland), travel worldwide. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Customer Testimonials

Andrea Bovenga
Lean Transition Owner
at Siemens AS MES

“Claudio has been a formidable guidance to our transition. I am constantly amazed by the vast range of his talents and competencies. They go well beyond the classic Agile/Scrum theories and include soft skills, technical practices, problem-solving methodologies, organization design.He focuses and invests a lot on people – especially in the field – to understand their problems, help them in their work, bring out their potential. His systematic and pragmatic approach helps a lot in getting concrete results.He also interacts extremely well with top management to identify the pathways that give added value to the company. I have personally learned a lot, especially on A3 thinking and how to deal effectively with people at all levels.”

Sean Farmar
Global Architect
at Wonga

“Claudio brought a lot of value in opening our way of thinking, adding tools and guidance to drive our adoption of Agile. His ideas and views were both refreshing and innovative. What makes Claudio unique is his experience with Agile adoption and Lean methods like A3 thinking. With Claudio’s help we went on to on to improve our process and achieve better results in building new teams as they came on stream. Personally I have learnt better technics to communicate and resolve conflicts in a constructive manner, measure, focus and find the value in process. I would whole-heartedly recommend Claudio to colleagues and friends.”

Rory O’ Connor
CEO at Scurri

“Claudio is a tremendously generous person who cares about startups and founders. I consider Claudio to be a trusted mentor to myself, to our team and to our startup. I am really grateful for his practical, action-oriented advice on the details of how to implement agile, lean startup and many other tools critical to the success of any startup business. I highly recommend using his materials, listening to him speak, attending the lean startup events he attends and engaging him as a consultant or advisor.”