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We talk about opportunities, ideas and innovation…

…But then, there’s “them”.

They are different; they fear change; they fear failure. They never leave the comfort of the status quo.

More often than not, however, “them” is “us”.

We are limited by our mental cages, our routines, the brands we buy, the boxes we create for ourselves and others.

Meanwhile, we seem to forget that everything is on the move, and it is a wonderful world of chaos.
We want to make progress in our lives, but inertia is hard to beat.

So, here is a mad thought:

“If change is hard, make it continuous.” — 1st PopcornFlow Principle

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This book introduces a mindset, principles, actionable techniques, visible progress indicators and practical examples of how to design traceable micro-experiments to overcome fear of change and evolve almost as fast as a virus.

With this book you’ll learn to:

  • Overcome personal and interpersonal inertia
  • Annihilate resistance to change
  • Accelerate problem solving and decision making
  • Say goodbye to unproductive meetings
  • Develop formidable thinking and negotiating skills
  • Help others embrace change
  • Shape yourself and your future to make a better world

Continuous evolution is a way of life

PopcornFlow, the method described in this book, is already impacting many lives including entrepreneurs, change agents, software development, marketing and sales teams, managers, school teachers, families, and even special-need kids.

For me, writing this book has become an act of social responsibility.
I stopped dreaming of success and started doing what matters.
But this book is not about my journey. It’s about yours.

Every single week I’m 5 experiments older.
When you'll die, how old would you rather be?
Two experiments old? Or twenty thousand?

Claudio Perrone

Imagine if you could evolve fast — almost as fast as a virus.
What would you do? How far would you go? Who would you be?

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