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Do you struggle with organizational change?

We created a framework that can help you...

  • Safely hack into a potentially risk-adverse dominant culture.
  • Coordinate the charge against organizational inertia.
  • Create legions of cooperating change participants.
  • Develop insanely-good habits of thinking.
  • Nurture a widespread culture of continuous improvement.
  • Exploit uncertainty (rather than just survive it).

Take a look at our product and service highlights

On-site PopcornFlow Training

Imagine a continuous flow of experiments, to accelerate the rate of change in your organization. How far would you go? With a PopcornFlow workshop, you can experience how to solve problems, take better decisions and introduce continuous change in a safe and fun classroom environment.

Lean & Agile Coaching

Business is like a sports championship. If you’re serious about improving the performance of your team(s), you should consider hiring a top coach. Agile Sensei brings unique models, experience and options to help you introduce, sustain and accelerate change in your organization. 

Keynote Speaking

Do you want to bring an award-winning public keynote speaker to your event? Our founder, Claudio Perrone, may be be exactly what you are looking for. With fresh ideas, cartoons and visual-storytelling techniques, he'll help you bring awareness, desire and alignment towards a wide range of Lean & Agile themes.

A3 Thinker

The A3 Thinker’s Action Deck is formidable tool for Lean Problem solvers, based on Toyota’s core management process and used by hundreds of companies worldwide. 

The PopcornFlow Book

The PopcornFlow book is in the works. Writing it has become a social responsibility. Join the early notification list to be among the first to get updates on its progress and take part to its historic launch.

Rory O’Connor CEO @ Scurri

Our company revenue grew by 10x

The change to our business has been transformational.
Our company revenue grew by 10x last year, and the coaching that Claudio provided was the bedrock of our success.
He is truly an inspirational coach, facilitator and mentor who has the highest levels of integrity, skills and understanding of the Lean & Agile domain. I could not recommend him enough.

Margot LeCourtois Quality Improvement Coordinator @ Health Canada

We won two prestigious awards!

My working group was awarded the Deputy Minister Award for Innovation and Creativity, and the Federal Government Assistant Deputy Minister Award, for Improving the life of Canadians. These are very prestigious awards to receive as public servants. I strongly believe that the secret to having achieved this recognition is a magic trick up my sleeve. You guessed it... PopcornFlow!

Andrea Bovenga Lean Transition Owner @ Siemens AS MES

A formidable guidance to our transition

Claudio's competencies go well beyond the classic Agile/Scrum theories and include soft skills, technical practices, problem-solving methodologies, organization design. He invests a lot on people to understand their problems, help them in their work, bring out their potential. His systematic approach helps a lot in getting concrete results. He also interacts extremely well with top management to identify the pathways that give added value to the company.

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