Hi, my name is Matteo

I'm almost 7. I like snails.
I'm writing a snail comic book as a fun PopcornFlow experiment.

These snails never intended to leave their land. But, after a catastrophic event that destroyed their city, they had no other option.
Join them as they try to discover the truth behind what has happened.

Omg. So funny. He'll go far.
Kim H.
  • The Comic

  • Behind the scenes


This is the end of part I of my snail comic adventure.
When I’m finished, I expect there will be at least 20 pages!
If you haven’t seen it already, check out what went on behind the scenes.
… and, if you feel like it, please donate!

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Do you want to know how my snail comic story evolves? Me too!

I’m still working on it but, if you show me your support, I’ll send you regular PDF updates until I’m finished !

I’ll give 50% of my profits to help fund the soft-play area in my school.

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Matteo is as cute as a button. He will be successful like his dad!

Mark L.

It's a beautiful story that put me in a good mood.

Augusto E.

This is awesome! Matteo and his dad together are an entrepreneurship dream team 🙂

Dragos D.

Following your adventures is so amusing! I'm a fan!

Carlo B.

He made my day.

Eric-Jan K.