Agile Tales video from Øredev 2008!

The organizers of my beloved Swedish conference have released the full video of my Agile Tales presentation. The audience appears to be really quiet, but it is purely because the audio comes from my “Britney Spears”-style microphone only. In other words, people laughed at my silly jokes, honest!

Last week, I also presented at the Irish Java Technology Conference and I really enjoyed the brief discussion afterwords.
We talked about styles and the role of stories in technical presentations. I read about 50-60 books on screenwriting and creative nonfiction in the last few months. I know things now that I would have never suspected even just a couple of months ago. 
My thoughts on the matter are in continuous evolution, and I keep finding pleasant surprises at every corner.

I’ll be discussing some of those ideas at Jimmy Nilsson’s Software Architecture Workshop in Austria at the end of this month and, soon or later, I will write something here.

Claudio Perrone

My passion is to develop the critical thinking skills of people and help them bring the best of their work to the world. Lean & Agile management consultant, startup strategist, award-winning speaker and entrepreneur. Creative force behind A3 Thinker and PopcornFlow.

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  1. Martin Perez

    This is a brilliant presentation, Claudio. I enjoyed really much, very inspireful.

  2. Ruben Bartelink

    Any way to get an MP3 of this? really enjoyed your last podcast on arcast all those years back and dont do video 😛

  3. Ruben Bartelink

    Thanks for the slides link – It makes me even more interested in the MP3 – you’ve obviously spent serious amounts of time on them.

    And they’ve given me a try 48 min ffs reminder kick, thanks.

    (Spent ages looking for a countdown timer gadget (and an viddler mp3 converter :D), but settled on using a Nokia timer in the end…)

    OK, I’ll get off my butt and watch it some day soon…

  4. Claudio Perrone

    LOL, you can always keep viddler in the background…Yes, I spent ages creating these slides. For the 48 minutes rule, I generally use TimeLeft on Windows (the free version is more than sufficient for my needs…I also use it for speedreading warm-up exercizes). It takes a bit to configure the very first time since it has a lot of options, but it works like a charm and takes a very small area on screen (i put it on top of everything on the title bar area).
    On my mac I haven’t found the perfect solution yet. Some apps are nice looking but take too much screen estate. Nokia sounds just as good to me!

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