Muffin Morning Pattern – The B-Side

Writing about muffin morning was fun, perhaps because our current sessions are very enjoyable.

As I will gain more understanding of the forces at work and the wide implications of this simple practice, I will update the pattern with the new findings.

By the way, if you are implementing it (or considering putting it into practice) within your team please share your thoughts!

For my future reference, I want to add a few points that I haven’t covered in my previous post, mainly because a pattern should be based on observations rather than speculations.

So what did I leave out? Many things for sure, but for now I only have this list:

  • Environmental factors conducive to this type of activity
  • Relations/interactions with other practices, for example daily stand-up meetings
  • Higher management perception/acceptance
  • Pressure/deadline handling
  • Basic financial support and equipment
  • Team size/composition/roles and correlation with volunteer availability
  • Finding engaging topics on a regular basis (experiences on the job, technology/product/process, dept vs. breath of coverage)
  • Format (lecture, open discussion, study group, etc)
  • Time management (preparation phase, delay, overtime, rescheduling, recurrence)
  • Session/topic follow-ups
  • If/why/how-to involve other teams

In all the cases I just mentioned, I either don’t have the problem or I don’t have conclusive data, solutions or suggestions.
At least, not yet :-).

Claudio Perrone

My passion is to develop the critical thinking skills of people and help them bring the best of their work to the world. Lean & Agile management consultant, startup strategist, award-winning speaker and entrepreneur. Creative force behind A3 Thinker and PopcornFlow.

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  1. John McClean

    Hi Claudio, I’ve suggested it. The biggest point of opposition so far (surprisingly) seems to be the lack of presentations! Maybe that’s just an excuse 😉

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