Training from the back of the room (Part II) – The Concepts Mindmap

In my previous post, I introduced the Connections mindmap (PDF) that I’m using to design my upcoming Pragmatic A3 Thinking Workshop.
Much has happened since that post, including speaking in different parts of the world. There would be much to say, but I’ll rather be short on words and dense in value.

4Cs - ConceptsIn this second part of the series, I want to share with you a mindmap of the Concepts activities described in “Training from the Back of the Room”.
Again, this mindmap won’t make much sense unless you read the book.

As awareness grows, I hope more and more workshops will use some form of active training and rely less on trainer lectures. I, for a start, will be very selective on the format of any training I choose to participate to from now on.
Information, after all, is cheap in these internet days. Simply listening to repurposed  content that you can easily find elsewhere is not that valuable – irrespective of the trainer expertise or accreditation. Considering the average retention rate of learners, typical workshops are just plain ineffective.

This mindmap contains too many details to fit in an A4 (or letter-size) paper. As a consequence, it is designed to be printed on a larger format (A3 paper-size). I personally tiled 2 A4s, glued them together, and put them in a ring binder.

Please download, in all its splendor, the Concepts MindMap (PDF).

Do you find these mindmaps useful? Let me know!

Claudio Perrone

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