Web Service Facades

My good friend Marcus Mac Innes is just back from Amsterdam and posted a lucid report of what he saw at Tech-Ed Europe.
His apartment faces our offices in Dublin, so it is natural for us to occasionally meet and share some ideas.

I can’t wait to have a chat with him again over a good cup of (Italian :-)) coffee!

With Marcus I often talk about many topics, but lately SOA dominates a lot of our conversations.

I’m actually very surprised to read that about 60% of the audience claimed to be currently building SOA based applications.
I suspect that a lot of them are simply creating basic web service façades over their existing applications.
That is so !SOA.

Claudio Perrone

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  1. Marcus Mac Innes

    Claudio, you’re absolutely right. I doubt very many of those people were building applications based on SOA architecture. There is so much confusion about the implementation, people are mistakenly thinking that applications with Web Service interfaces are SOA apps…

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