Beyond Value Streams – The Slides!

By October 16, 2013 A3 Thinking, Posts

Despite my intention to stay closer to my family, focus on product development and travel a bit less this year, I had the honour to deliver a few keynotes for Lean & Agile conferences around Europe lately.

In these occasions, I used my visual storytelling approach to talk about Lean as a system (rather than just as bunch of tools), Lean Change (a solid approach to introduce change in organisations) and Lean Startup (how to converge to a viable business model against all odds).

As all my clients and friends know, I systematically practice what I preach.
As a consequence, the slides I share below should come with a little note of warning. All the “tools” I presented are in rapid evolution. If all you do is copying the tools I shared, all you’ll ever see is a snapshot of the outcome of yesterday’s thinking of how I (and others) addressed problems I faced in the past. Be smart.