Beyond Value Streams – The Slides!

Despite my intention to stay closer to my family, focus on product development and travel a bit less this year, I had the honour to deliver a few keynotes for Lean & Agile conferences around Europe lately.

In these occasions, I used my visual storytelling approach to talk about Lean as a system (rather than just as bunch of tools), Lean Change (a solid approach to introduce change in organisations) and Lean Startup (how to converge to a viable business model against all odds).

As all my clients and friends know, I systematically practice what I preach.
As a consequence, the slides I share below should come with a little note of warning. All the “tools” I presented are in rapid evolution. If all you do is copying the tools I shared, all you’ll ever see is a snapshot of the outcome of yesterday’s thinking of how I (and others) addressed problems I faced in the past. Be smart.


Claudio Perrone

My passion is to develop the critical thinking skills of people and help them bring the best of their work to the world. Lean & Agile management consultant, startup strategist, award-winning speaker and entrepreneur. Creative force behind A3 Thinker and PopcornFlow.