New PopcornFlow Video – The Acorn Story

I live and breathe PopcornFlow every day. But writing a book about it is still hard. To maintain momentum, I experimented with some neat gamification technique to increase or maintain a decent daily word count. Does it work? Not really, ha ha.

So, I thought, if I have to take a break from time to time, I’ll better distract myself with PopcornFlow-related side projects :-).

claudios skateboardSo, I started skateboarding… with my kid.
I know, I know. The photo screams “mid-life crisis”.
But I had an hypothesis that skateboarding could help instill a growth mindset in people.
I can’t even start describing the almost-daily stories of courage, of coping with failure, the confidence building, the cheering for others, and the “learn fast, learn often” values that this experience is bringing to our family.

A healthy mind develops healthy ideas. After some good bit of experimentation, I also decided to use my illustration superpowers and release a PopcornFlow board sticker set to create a nice experiment board quickly.

The only thing that kept me from sharing these with the general public was the lack of basic instructions, which meant that only my clients and the most hardcore PopcornFlow explorers would have been able to use them.

But this morning I created a little how-to video to explain the most basic mechanics of how PopcornFlow works at family/personal level. If you can forgive my foreign accent and the occasional tongue trips, I think you may enjoy it. Done beats perfect.

I’m only scratching the surface here. I use these boards in all kind of corporate settings, including Agile teams’ retrospectives. Lately, there have been discussions about using PopcornFlow in corporate boardrooms for better strategic decision-making. In fact, a few weeks ago, PopcornFlow even brought me to a couple of eye-opening meetings at the house of parliament!

Claudio Perrone

My passion is to develop the critical thinking skills of people and help them bring the best of their work to the world. Lean & Agile management consultant, startup strategist, award-winning speaker and entrepreneur. Creative force behind A3 Thinker and PopcornFlow.