Training from the back of the room (Part II) – The Concepts Mindmap

In my previous post, I introduced the Connections mindmap (PDF) that I'm using to design my upcoming Pragmatic A3 Thinking Workshop. Much has happened since that post, including speaking in different…

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Open Space Cartoons

For those of you using the Open Space approach to run self-organizing conferences, I created a set of fun cartoons to illustrate its four guiding principles and "law of two…


Video Clip: Why Story?

This is brief post to share with you a short video clip I just published, based on my latest talk: "Crafting Outstanding Presentations". Other clips will follow. I'm developing decent…

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"What do you do?" I'm asked. "I am a Lean and Agile software development consultant." My reply is patently inadequate. It is my first conference since I officially started my freelancing…


Crafting Outstanding Presentations

A new dream is taking shape. It all started three weeks ago, while presenting in front of a group of entrepreneurs. On the surface, the slides below illustrate pretty pictures…


Great Presentations: A good story idea

In my previous post I revealed that, to craft a great (technical) presentation, I deliberately use storytelling techniques borrowed from contemporary screenwriting. I leverage the power of story to stimulate…


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